Royal Bonfire

Made for Royalty

Evoking awe and wonder, the Royal Bonfire creates an unparalleled sense of luxury.
Impress your friends with the beauty and warm their souls with this one of a kind bonfire/grill.

A Unique Experience

With its comfortable bar height table, large cooking ring, and reduced smoke warming fire, the Royal Bonfire is sure to create a good time that people will not soon forget.

Modern Functional Art

Our unique designs bring beauty and wonder to any yard or area. The beautiful dancing flames from our Smokeless Double-Burn Fire-Jet Technology create a warm atmosphere that is not only functional, but beautiful.

The Pinnacle of Innovation

Our international team has come together to change the way the firepit is viewed. Users will enjoy up to 90% less smoke and high combustion efficiency thanks to our industry-leading "Double-Burn Fire-Jets'' technology. No more smoke chasing you around the firepit.

Round Table

Add a Round Table to bring guests closer together so they can enjoy warmth, conversation, and delicious food prepared in a unique atmosphere.

A Place For Everything

The Royal Armory accessory cabinet has been carefully designed to hold all of The Royal Bonfire's accessories while still looking very attractive.

Tailor-made for you

Customize your Royal Bonfire and make it perfect for you. Choose your wood color, paint color, and brackets. Add a set of matching bar stools or firewood stands and make it a truly beautiful addition to your backyard.

The Royal Bonfire