Premium Class Gas Firepits

Relaxing Atmosphere

Beautiful dancing flames reflected from our special Fire Glass combined with radiating warmth create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening.

Premium Materials

All of our gas fireplaces are made with premium 304 stainless steel, special Fire Glass and powder-coated metal for long-lasting beauty and function.

Color Choice

Choose from many different colors of our premium, reflective fire-glass. Our Special Fire-glass reflects the beauty of flames while storing up and radiating warmth all around you.

The Hexagon Fire Pit

The Hexagon Gas Fire Pit was created to be an attention grabber. A large beautiful fireplace that radiates warmth and attracts people to itself. The 1.4m large design and powerful 6-tube burner create a wonderful atmosphere while providing warmth and comfort. The spacious 20 cm table edges are ideal for placing drinks, books or snack plates.

The Luxor Gas Fire pit

Make a bold statement of class and luxury by adding the Luxor Gas Fire Pit to your yard or patio. Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere of beautiful dancing flames and sparkling glass while warming yourself and your guests around the table. Inspired by the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas, and some outside the box thinking, we are sure this is one of the most beautiful gas fire pits you will ever see.

The Conversation Table gas fire pit table

The Conversation table was designed to be sturdy and beautiful. Designed for a coffee shop or any other place where anyone would like to have an easy to maintain but beautiful gas fire table to sit around and enjoy the warm dancing flames.