Bonfire Grill

Bonfire Grill 50cm

The perfect size for the family who likes to have guests over for a good time. The 50cm grill creates plenty of smoke free warmth and tasty food for 8-10 people.

Bonfire Grill 67cm

Our largest bonfire grill was made specifically to warm and feed a crowd. Comfortably gather and feed 14+ people around this huge crowd pleaser.

Bonfire Grill 35cm

Designed specifically for those who like to have a more intimate time go camping into the mountains. Gather 4-6 people around for a quiet evening.  Small and light enough for one person to move and store away with ease.


Bonfire Grill - Grate Plate

When paired with our Cook-Mate Grill Accessory the Grate Plate makes cooking flame grilled steaks or burgers a breeze.

30 Liter Kazan

The 30 liter Kazan with a lid made from high quality aluminum fits perfectly on the Bonfire Grill Accessory Stand.

Bonfire Grill - Grill Accessory Stand

The Bonfire Grill - Grill Accessory Stand is perfect to grill up some shashlik, cook some plov in a Kazan, or grill some steaks when paired with the additional Grill Grate.

Bonfire Grill  Weather Guard

Purchase the Weather Guard to keep your Bonfire Grill always dry and ready to go.

Convenient storage

The accessory stand and grill grate can be placed in the Bonfire Grill itself for transport or storage.

Bonfire Grill Benches

Bonfire Grill Benches create the perfect atmosphere to sit and enjoy all that a Bonfire Grill has to offer.

Decorative wood holders

Decorative wood holders are a functional work of art that not only keep firewood close and ready to use, but also adds beauty to any area.