Live Edge Fire Tables

Live Edge Fire Tables

Combining the organic beauty of natural wood slabs and dancing flames into an elegant and artistic design.  Beautiful dancing flames reflecting off the fire glass combine with warm radiation to create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing evening or dinner. We present to you the most luxurious and beautiful natural edge fire tables in the world.

Unique Designs:

We have created several unique leg designs that perfectly combine with our beautiful slab's natural edges to make our Live Edge Fire Table a truly brilliant attraction. Contact us and we will work to find the perfect slab and legs for you.

Truly One of a Kind:

The use of premium-class slabs of heat-treated hardwood with natural edges ensures that each table will be truly unique, exclusive for you. Choose one of our already custom-made products or work with us to choose the perfect unique slab for your space.

Choice of Size:

Our tables can be ordered in any size. You can choose from a small elegant coffee table to a dazzlingly large dining table, sized to accommodate your honored guests. From 100 cm to 300 cm or more - we can do anything according to your needs

Order your custom Live Edge Fire Table today.